5 Reasons Why Marrying A Ghanaian Nurse Is Important

The marriage rite and ceremony institution is very vital in Ghanaian community. Thus, getting the right woman or man is very significance in the marriage as well as getting the bad but can be very disastrous in the relationship. This actually leads to a marriage becoming successful or unsuccessful, there are many influences that emanates when selecting or choosing the correct companion (husband or wife).

I have compiled and researched on some elements that includes; Ethnicity, religious conviction, educational background, relationship status, Health status, financial status and additionally in recent times, profession as major cause, people do base on to find a partner for themselves. In recent times, men or women are more interested to tie not with people with a good profession, professions such as nurses, doctors, teachers, journalists, engineers, businessman or woman etc. I can say nurses are also professionals when thinking of marrying a nurse on the other hand some people in the society thus Ghanaian’s have a perception that, marrying a nurse due to some typecast about Ghanaian nurses. Some people do say they are arrogant, introvert, rude, slipshod and so on. Fine, in my compilations I will dish out and elaborate on five motives why must take a nurse a companion.

After you get through with the compiled piece, any doubts you might have had in mind of tying not with a Ghanaian nurse will be discredited. Let’s move straight to the five wonderful facts I have compiled for you to know about marrying a Ghanaian nurse.

Assurance of getting fit and healthful mealtimes

Free healthcare for you

They have attractive persona

Taking good care of your kids and family

Prodigious Hearers (Listeners)


You are assured of getting fit and healthful mealtimes

As a nurse, their core directive is to check the total well-being of a person and this is part of their nursing profession to deliver it to their patients at home or hospital. A nurse knows how to give directives and cook healthy meals for the family to cut ailments.

“So” when you marry a nurse your chances of falling ill will be drastically reduced and your chances of getting healthy will also increase. A nurse will make sure you the husband and the kids are healthy every day.

Free healthcare for you & your kids

This is another point, when you marry a Ghanaian nurse, you are definitely assured of free healthcare at her workplace. So, as a nurse as a wife, she will teach and give you free medical advice as preventing illness. In times of this COVID-19 pandemic, a nurse as a wife will make sure the family to comprehend to the measures to prevent being contracted. She can also prescribe drugs and inject you at home freely without attending any hospital when it is needed to.

This is, some people abhor to be injected by people they don’t know.

You will feel good and healthy in this marriage because there will free injections and advice, free healthcare to visit the hospitals. How do you see to marry a Ghanaian nurse?

They have attractive persona (personality)

You can bear witness that most of our Ghanaian nurses are very beautiful and open-minded. They are really attractive so when you marry a nurse you are likely to get compliments from your friends and people in your environment. Her big smile alone will relieve and urge your mood in activity you’re in to.

All nurses are seen to be sociable and approachable to their patients so that they can divulge them easily. Marrying a Ghanaian nurse will be nice and of quality when you handle them with care.

They will take good care of your kids

When you marry a Ghanaian nurse, you need not worry about how to take care of your kids. This is because, every nurse are said to be prodigious mothers in society. They are very conscious about the health and well-being of their kids no matter what struggles the faces.

A nurse knows how to take care of herself during time of pregnancy till the labor stage the child is born. Since it is their field of work, they are focus and equipped with knowledge skills to bring up a child to prevent the kid go astray.

Well! These are reasons you should get married to a Ghanaian nurse, I hope to see you marry a Ghanaian nurse.

Prodigious or great listeners

The first and major motive why you should get a nurse as a companion is that, they are great hearers. That is, nurses are well-trained to talk and listen to patients in their profession because that is the vital part of their work, as a result they listen to everyone they meet being at home or workplace making those great listeners everywhere they went.

On the other hand, when you get a nurse as a companion, she will always listen and be available to you in times of need or to suggest solutions to something. Thinking of something that is challenging you every time, won’t last long or won’t even happen when in marriage with a Ghanaian nurse.

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